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Producer: Cassina (Italy)

Designer: Frabo Albini, 1905 - 1977

Year of Design: 1954

Our example: Designs from Cassina's "Masters Collection" are numbered chronologically until Cassina decides to cease production. Our STADERA Desk by Albini was prototyped in 1964 but only put into production in 2015, and is No. 1.

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Cassina STADERA silo.jpg
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Additional Info

Writing-desk composed of two trapezoidal-shaped surfaces - a main and a side top - of two different depths, supported by a single steel base painted matt black. The surfaces come in three different wooden versions: Canaletto walnut, natural or stained black ashwood, one version in natural cement and a white Carrara marble version. The surfaces have two different thicknesses and a frame that delimits the external edges in the wood and cement versions. For the marble surfaces, the frame only marks the edges of the main desktop. A stiff leather top cover in different colours is also available, for use on the main surface.

First created for the Marcenaro home in Genoa, this desk has a single leg and works on the balance created by the inequality of the arms, much like the “Stadera”, or pendulum scales, to which it owes its name.